Axel Filip - drums/compositions/lyrics 
Mariana Iturri - voice 
Sebastian Greschuk - trumpet 
Camila Nebbia - tenor saxophone 
Nicolas Boccanera - piano 
Juan Bayon - contrabass 


he episodic and eclectic character of the first track, ‘El Olvido’ is nothing more than a continuation of an Argentine jazz lineage that knew how to take a "melting pot" characteristic of both the genre and the city itself. As the track progresses, doors are opened that does not completely close again, opening with an intense and almost arachnid ostinato on the piano reminiscent of Alberto Ginastera, an Argentine classical music composer, over which a contrapuntal melody of the contrabass is developed. 

The poetry of Camila Nebbia, saxophonist and poetess of turn, with melancholy and almost tango airs, generates a dark atmosphere that oppresses with uneasiness. But suffering does not last forever. After leaving the bass in solitude, the whole ensemble is given entrance, changing the whole face to the music, with a slow but full groove that gives rise to a much more melodic voice in this instance, with the trumpet and saxophone playing with staccato ostinatos more typical of R&B and Soul, perfect for a female voice in front. Just when we think that this texture begins to disintegrate, with the disappearance and interspersed of the instruments, we are run over by the entrance of the complete ensemble again, in perfect balance and with a hook almost typical of pop. 

The trumpet solo of the great Sebastian Greschuk, who takes us by the hand through a landscape that was constantly changing but for some reason already familiar. As familiar as the return of the ostinato on the piano at the end of the song, giving rise to a melodic reexposure, to leave us situated in a landscape we knew and saw transformed in the six and a half minutes that opened the album.  

released July 26, 2019